Google AdWords is a powerful tool for generating highly targeted leads for your business. It has the ability to target specific geographic regions and to offer unique advertising opportunities to local businesses. But if you have not maximised visibility of your Google AdWords campaigns in the specific cities where you operate then you could potentially be losing out on a lot of potential sales. And it’s important to understand that this holds true even when you are bidding on adverts against other companies and not trying to acquire new customers, but rather existing ones.


One way to increase your visibility and to make sure that you’re getting the maximum possible number of clicks is through the use of Google’s ad schedule tools. Auction insights reports will show you exactly which adverts showed the highest click through rates across your entire ad campaign. And within this report you’ll also discover that adverts were clicked on most by your competitors. This allows you to identify potential problems areas and concentrate on those. Once you’ve identified what it is about your adverts that may be working against you then you can make appropriate changes. You can also get bids on these same ads to improve your performance.

Marketing on the Internet is an ever-growing trend which many businesses are looking to expand on. These days you need to do more than have a neat website – everybody’s doing that. Effective Internet marketing becomes much easier for people who have the right advice and information. This article contains a number of tips that can you help you to steal a march on the competition.

Make sure to evaluate the content of your website. Know what your website says, what the goals of the site are, and get a gauge on how useful the content is. A well defined site is sure to attract more traffic. Increased traffic is key to maintaining a successful site.

Use social media wisely. Remember that social media is mostly word-of-mouth, and if you have a dissatisfied customer, things can quickly spiral out of control. Be prompt and courteous when addressing these issues, and you will gain, or re-gain, the trust of the customers who have been informed of the problem.

Google offers two different ways to bid on ads. You can either go for a co-branded campaign or one that is based on location. Location based bids are usually chosen by business owners that have a large retail presence or by owners of franchises that have branches in specific local locations. These ad schedules will show you exactly how much you can earn with location bid adjustments. The advantage to this type of campaign is that you’ll be able to benefit from cost per click that is a little higher than average.


But to maximise visibility and to ensure that you’re not losing out, a Google AdWords campaign should also feature location extensions. With location extensions you can target specific areas such as a particular city or particular zip code. This allows you to create ads that are more relevant to your customers and which will also bring them into contact with your company’s website. With location extension adverts Google gives you the opportunity to customise the text and the image to help to get your message across. With so many things happening in and around your local area these days it’s imperative that you maximise visibility and capture the interest of your audience.


One way you can use Google AdWords to enhance your online presence and to help to bring in more local customers is through its ad campaign tools such as Google Call Tracking and Google Auction Insights. Google Call tracking lets you identify the number of times your ad was displayed on Google within a certain geographical area. When these ads were run the corresponding phone number associated with them was recorded. Google Auction Insights tracks and reports the number of times your ad was displayed. This report will allow you to analyse which of your ads or keywords were most successful in generating the traffic that you were aiming at. Google Auction insights report can be extremely useful in assisting you to see which keywords or areas of your ad campaign were most effective.


Google provides a number of additional tools for bidding on Google AdWords. Through its Google AdWords Qualified Bid tool you can see what other advertisers are bidding on a specific keyword. You can also view the rates that various advertisers are offering to get your business listed in their Google AdWords campaigns. Google Auction Insights gives you a report that shows you how much money other advertisers are offering on similar keywords. You can view information such as bids per day, daily and seasonal data and average prices, making bidding for Google AdWords an effective way to ensure that you are getting the best value for your advertising dollar.


Google offers a range of tools for geo-targeting your Google AdWords campaigns. Through its advanced Geotargeting report you can see which countries and cities people in your customer’s location are searching for your brand. By setting up a campaign with the proper demographics and choosing the appropriate keywords, you can target all of the people who could be interested in your products or services. You can also track how well your negative keywords and campaign placement strategies are working, allowing you to make the necessary refinements. Google offers a number of helpful tools for geo-targeting, including Google Maps for Location, Google Current Locations, Google Shopping Cart for Location and Google Places for Location.


Google offers a variety of other analytical reporting tools through its Google Analytics suite of reports. You can view your site traffic by segmenting your visitors into different groups. Through the advanced section on report setup, you can set up report grouping so that you can look at how site traffic is divided up between different groups such as by age, gender, site category, page rank, and more. To make running your Google AdWords campaign easier, you can use its integrated call tracking feature that makes it easy to track your success in terms of number of call-backs, click-throughs and conversions.



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